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DE Patrick Grigo aka Parrish

P1XG Dancer, Choreographer, Dance pedagogue, World record holder, Host, Photographer, Blogger, Producer, Writer, Designer, Organizer, Manager, Promoter, Researcher of dance
39 Years
from Jena (Germany)
at present Burghausen (Germany)
active since 1994

Since 1994 he has been active in the Urban Dance scene and the Hip Hop scene and is a passionate asserter of this culture. Aged 14 he got his first contact with B-Boying which laid the foundation stone for his development, his way of thinking and his life. Wholeheartedly he consecrated himself to B-Boying, practised with his former crew "Churchtown Rockers" in cellar rooms and on the street. Together they went to jams and battles, which at that time were a real rarity and tried to obtain as much information as possible about this form of dance. The key step came at the age of 23 when Patrick decided to quit his job as a design draftsman and dared to take a plunge into the world of the selfemployed artist.

For some time he had been taking part in competitions and later he organised some of them himself. Workshops, shows, training camps, his work as judge, his open nature and the capability to communicate offered him a large international network. He has a very special approach to children who experience a completely new Me of themselves in his classes and who adore him. As trainer with a special eye for talents and young people with unique skills he succeeds in supporting the capability of each of his pupils and guiding it into the right direction.

In 2005 he created the Summerskillz Dance Festival and one year later came the idea for the Eve Dance Festival which has become a renowned event in the West-European region and attracts more and more people every year.

Highlights & Achievements

+ winner of different solo championships from 2004 till 2006
+ world record holder for the Guinness Book of Records
+ owner of a well-known dance school
+ own fashion collection with the fashion label Timezone in 2007
+ danced the opening show of Hannover Messe 2009


since 2003 of movetoohot

former member

1996 - 2003 of Churchtown Rockaz
1999 - 2000 of Strike One
2001 - 2002 of Chicken Wings
2002 - 2003 of Churchtown Allstars
2003 - 2004 of Da Quillaz
2003 - 2003 of Moving Shadows
2013 - 2016 of Yang Spirit Crew

ITO-Meeting in Berlin - 47 days to go!
  • Dynamic Movement All Style Battle 2018
  • at Cap Wörth in Velden a. Wörthersee (Austria) on Saturday July, 21st 2018
  • Winner 2vs2 All Style Adults: El Vasi & Missa (Austria)
  • Winner 2vs2 All Style Kids: Lia & Nixon (Slovenia)
  • Judges: Olivia (Austria), Icee (France), Wolfer (Morocco)
  • Host: Da Bürgermasta (Austria)
  • Deejay: HeBangz (Austria)
  • Austrian Hip Hop Championship 2018
  • at Messehalle 1 in Dornbirn (Austria) on April, 28th 2018
  • Winner Hip Hop Kids: Fantastic Six (Germany)
  • Winner Hip Hop Juniors: The Various 8 (Austria)
  • Winner Hip Hop Adults: Tribe Vibe (Austria)
  • Winner 1vs1 Breaking Juniors: Celio (Germany)
  • Winner 1vs1 Breaking: Ibot (Austria)
  • Winner 2vs2 All Style: Sheep & Lokalita (Austria)
  • Judges: Rob Lawray (DE), Parrish (DE), Nadja (AT), Kometrock (AT), Markus (AT), Patrix (AT), Bryan (AT), Popping Mike (CH)
  • Hosts: Funky Mike (AT), Your favourite BBoy Host Godfather (CH)
  • Deejays: Uncle Willi (AT) and 99 Moves (CH)
  • Participants: around 450 dancers
  • Talk between Patrick from and8 and Roxrite
  • Interesting insights into his life
  • Roxrite talks about experiences
  • He explains his connection to MexOne
  • Carinthian-X-Break Battle 2018
  • at Kultur Forum Amthof Feldkirchen in Kärnten (Austria) on March, 17th 2018
  • Winner 1vs1 Breaking: Harlekin (Austria)
  • Winner 2vs2 All Style Kids: Sakul & Lee-On (Germany)
  • Winner 2vs2 Mixed Style: The Wolfer & Argi (Austria)
  • Judges: Dori (Hungary), Vision (Slovenia), Tricky (Austria), Rwakka Haddi (Germany), Elia Del Nin (Italy)
  • Deejays: Uncle Willi (Austria), Poppin D (Austria)
  • Host: Da Bürgermasta (Austria)
  • Call-Out-Battle: Funky Monkez vs. UFA Crew
  • Participants: 148 Dancers (37 female / 111 male)
  • Dance & Style Battle 2018 during the Sport & Fun Expo
  • at Messe Ried i. Innkreis (Austria) on March, 10th 2018
  • Winner 1vs1 Undisputed BOTYCE Qualifier: The Wolfer (Morocco/Austria)
  • Winner 2vs2 Battle of the Kids: Marox & Philmo (Austria)
  • Winner 1vs1 Battle of the Kids: Marox (Austria)
  • Winner 2vs2 All Style Kids: Misch & Nono (Germany)
  • Judges: Jaekwon (Austria), Stebo (Germany), El Vasi (Austria), KateRock (Austria)
  • Deejay: Da Bürgermasta (Austria) | Host: Parrish (Germany)
  • Judging System: and8 Judge by Dominik Fahr (Austria)
  • Show Your Skillz Urban Dance Battle 2018
  • at Lentos Kunstmuseum in Linz (Austria) on January, 1st 2018
  • Winner 1vs1 Breaking: Marson (Czech Republic)
  • Winner 1vs1 Experimental: Guti (Austria)
  • Winner 2vs2 Hip Hop: Joe Joe & Jazzy (Austria)
  • Judges: Storm (DE), Jo-Flow (AT), Wolfer (AT), Johannes (AT)
  • Deejay: Renegade (UK) | Host: Swifty (UK)
  • YOG Continental Qualifier for Europe & Africa
  • at Grugahalle Essen (Germany) on October, 22nd 2017
  • Stage II Qualifikation for the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games
  • Judges: Storm (DE), Renegade (UK), Crazy Legs (USA), Narumi (JP), Lamine (FR)
  • Hosts: Mario Bee (NL), Ludi Rockoon (DE)
  • Deejays: Fleg (USA), Nobunaga (NL)
  • with team members & judges for the Youth Olympic Games 2018
  • in Wayne, Pennsylvania (USA) on October, 5th 2017
  • Host: Niels Robitzky aka Storm
  • Judges: Renegade, Narumi, Jeskilz, Moy
  • Judging System: Dominik Fahr & Patrick Grigo from and8
  • Guests: Cros1, Poe One, Joe Stolte, Thomas Hergenröther, Yalda Ghods, Roland Hilfiker (WDSF)
  • Sign up for the greatest urban dance competition in Austria!
  • The Austrian Hip Hop Championship 2017 at Messe Dornbirn (Austria)
  • With participants from Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • All details and information about the registration here!
  • 15 nations at Circle Industry Qualifier 2017
  • at Emailwerk Seekirchen on Friday February, 24th 2017
  • Judges: Focus (FIN), Ronnie (USA), David Colas (FRA)
  • Hosts: Knuffelbunt (AT) and Mario Bee (NL)
  • Deejays: DJ Fleg (USA), DJ Cosmic (AT)
  • 77 crews (154 participants) for the 2vs2 Breaking
  • 26 crews battled for the 5vs5 Checkmate spots




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