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GB Leigh Evelyn aka Swifty

L7XE aka Sir Swift, Swifty Swift
Tänzer, Trainer, Moderator, MC, Entertainer
37 Jahre
aus Northampton (England)

Instagram: @sir_swifty
Sir Swifty- Stepping up to the main stage is the UK's very own Sir Swifty.

Swifty has been putting in work hosting events around Europe & UK. April 14th sees his debut on the UK B-Boy Champs stage, co-hosting with Crazy Legs. Welcome to the Terrordome!

Hailing From the town of Northampton, Swifty has been dancing as a b-boy for 19 years.

Representing the crew Floorless Forms, he has made his way as a host since 2006 hosting local jams and got his first break hosting Regional Conflict the National Breaking Championships & qualifier for UK B-Boy Champs. Since then he hosts regularly for Redbull BC1, World B-Boy Classic, The Notorious IBE, Break Mission, Groovanomatry and Break central. He has also hosted for R16 UK, We Bgirlz and Break Junkies. Swifty is know for his witty remarks, jokes, getting the crowd hyped and keeping the energy levels high!!

Hype Moments bei Show Your Skillz 2018
  • The Notorious IBE Hip Hop & Music Festival 2017
  • vom 6. bis 8. August 2016 in Heerlen (Netherlands)
  • seven2smoke 30+ Edition Battle am Sonntag
  • Gewinner: Nabil El Khayer (France)
  • 1vs1 Breaking Kids Battle beim The Notorious IBE 2016
  • in Heerlen (Netherlands) am 6. August 2016
  • Gewinner: Kirill Tarasenko aka Fresh (Russia)
  • Judges: Skychief (Netherlands), Kacyo (Italy), Cheerito (Russia)
  • Host: Swifty (UK) | Musik: DJ Kofi da Vibe
  • 2vs2 B-Girl Battle beim Notorious IBE 2016
  • in Heerlen (Netherlands) am Samstag, 6. August 2016
  • Gewinner: Bo (Netherlands) & Jeskilz (France/USA)
  • Judges: Carlos (Netherlands), Roxy (UK), Renegade (UK)
  • Host: Swifty (UK) | Musik: DJ F Twice
  • World Bboy Classic World Final 2016
  • im Effenaar Eindhoven (Netherlands) am 4. Juni 2016
  • Gewinner: Lussy Sky & Drud von der Navi Crew (Ukraine)
  • Judges: Poe One, Venum, Lagaet, Marcio, Sebastien, Redo
  • Music: DJ Uragun, DJ Cutnice, DJ Nobunaga
  • Hosts: Swifty, Machete

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