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Catch The Flava Outbreak Camp 2017

International Breaking Camp in Krakow (Poland)

Sonntag, 23. Juli 2017 - 27. Juli 2017
PL Akademia Wychowania Fizycznego (AWF)
Aleja Jana Pawla II 78, 31-571 Kraków (Google Maps)


Sonntag, 23. Juli 2017
10:00 Uhr | Veranstaltungsbeginn

Details zur Veranstaltung

We are back with the illest Breaking Camp. 5 days of unique experience, sharing knowledge and unforgettable moments with people from all over the world. Valuable workshops, panel discussions, jams, parties and many more.

Teachers line up:

Thesis / Knuckleheads Cali
Poe One / Style Elements
Yan / All the Most
Ayumi / Body Carnival
Casper / Skill Brat Renegades
Lil G / Red Bull BC One All Stars
Reveal / Rock Force Crew
Hatsolo / Flow Mo Crew

Registration is open!

We got limited number of places in the resort. Save the dates and book your spot now. We also recommend to you:

23-27 July 2017
Catch The Flava Outbreak Camp
Krakow, Poland

28-30 July 2017
Outbreak Europe & The Legits Blast festival
Bańska Bystrica, Slovakia

4-6 August 2017
The Notorious IBE
Heerlen, The Netherlands


After 5 years of experience and listen to your opinions we decided to move the Camp to a new resort where we can give you a better quality for the same price. The best one we found is located in Krakow, Poland which is still close to Banska Bystrica in Slovakia - city of Outbreak festival.


In the new resort in Krakow we have 3 big gyms available for workshops, free practise session and jams, nice place to stay in 2 persons rooms with bigger capacity. More chillout area and food options as well.


This year we will have 8 top class teachers instead of 5 like last years. The new resort give us more opportunities to do special workshops, panel discussions and jam sessions with our guests so you wouldn’t waste any time at the camp.


Catch The Flava project started because of the kids and with our kids camps in Poland. This year we open our International camp for kids too, giving them a chance to grow and learn from their favourite bboys. We guarantee all day care for the underage bboys and bgirls at the camp and also at Outbreak Europe festival. So if you wanna come with your underage students or younger crew members let us know.


You want to take part in Catch The Flava Camp and Outbreak Europe? Just book your flights to Krakow Poland and come to the resort by bus/tram/taxi. Then you can just relax. After the camp we will take you by our buses straight to the hotel in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia (3,5 hour trip) so you can enjoy the craziness of Outbreak Europe weekend. On sunday after the festival we will take you back to Krakow for your flight back or you can stay in Banska Bystrica and go to IBE. Basically we will take care of you for the whole week.

More info soon. Stay tuned.

Line Up

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