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FI Anniina Aleksandra Tikka aka AT

A2XT Dancer, Choreographer, Dance pedagogue, Coach, Promoter
from Helsinki (Finland)
active since 1995

Anniina is a world reknown b-girl, dancer and dance teacher whose accomplishments include first places in battles like She Got Game in Australia, UK World Bboy Championships, We B-girls in Germany and Eurobattle in Portugal. Anniina is a member of the Flow Mo Crew and has also toured a lot with them all around the World.


since 2002 of Flow Mo Crew

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Upcoming Events with AT

+ 06.10.2018 AR Youth Olympic Games 2018

Red Bull BC One Austria Cypher 2018 – Livestream
  • Circle Industry Finals 2018
  • at Escobar Salzburg (Austria) on March, 3rd 2018
  • Winner 1vs1 Red Bull BC One Austria Cypher Wildcard: Valo (Austria)
  • Winner 2vs2 Circle Industry Breaking: Sunni & Spin (UK)
  • Winner 5vs5 Checkmate: Red Bull BC One All Stars (Worldwide)
  • Judges: Poe One (USA/Australia), Crazy Legs (USA), Pluto (Ukraine)
  • Host: Mario Bee (Netherlands), Da Bürgermasta (Austria)
  • DJs: Woo D (Slovenia), Cosmic (Austria), Scream (Ukraine), Fusik (USA)
  • More than 500 spectators and visitors
  • Dancers from around 20 countries
  • Circle Industry Festival & Battle 2018
  • at Republic Salzburg (Austria) on Saturday March, 3rd 2018
  • with international artists and Top-Crews of the scene
  • different battle formats, programmes and highlights
  • 1vs1 Red Bull BC One Austria Cypher Wildcard Battle
  • 2vs2 international Breaking Battle
  • 5vs5 Checkmate Battle
  • Call-Out-Battles and more ...
  • YOG Continental Qualifier Asia & Oceania 2017
  • at Taipei Expo Park in Taipei (Taiwan) on December, 2nd 2017
  • In total 87 participants from 19 countries (21 B-Girls and 66 B-Boys)
  • Judges: Storm (GER), Renegade (GBR), Narumi (JPN), B-Girl AT (FIN), Katsu (JPN)
  • Hosts: Jeng (TPE) and RealGon (TPE)
  • Deejays: Just a Kid (GER), Chincano (TPE), Pilizhao (TPE)
  • Winner B-Boys: Shigekix (JPN)
  • Winner B-Girls: Ram (JPN)
  • The great Red Bull BC One World Final 2017
  • at Westergasfabriek Amsterdam (Netherlands) on November, 4th 2017
  • Winner: Menno van Gorp aka Menno (Holland)
  • Judges: AT (FIN), Intact (UKR), Niek (NED), Crazy Legs (USA), Hong10 (KOR)
  • Deejay: DJ Nobunaga (NED) | Host: Irisience aka Rakaa Taylor (USA)
  • more than 3.000 spectators in the arena
  • Outbreak Europe and The Legits Blast Festival 2016
  • in Banská Bystrica (Slovakia) from July, 29th until July, 31st 2016
  • Winner 2vs2 Breaking: Intact & Pluto from Ruffneck Attack (Ukraine)
  • Winner 1vs1 Undisputed: Kuzya (Ukraine)
  • Winner 1vs1 B-Girling: Paulina from Breaknuts Crew (Poland)
  • Winner 1vs1 Kids: Shigekix (Japan)
  • Judges: Lil John (USA), BGirl AT (Finland), Abstrak (USA), Dyzee (Canada), Renegade (UK)
  • DJ's: Smirnoff (RU), Lean Rock (USA)
  • Host: Mario Bee
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