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GB Kevin aka DJ Renegade

K1XG Dancer, Choreographer, Dance pedagogue, Coach, Host, DJ, Promoter
48 Years
from London (United Kingdom)

Renegade has a long history in UK Hip Hop. He began popping, breaking and locking back in 1982 and started scratch DJing and producing in 1987. In the earlier part of his career, Renegade was DJing for UK lyricist Blade and his own group, Son of Noise, releasing various records and touring extensively. Renegade is one of the original members of the world renowned Scratch Perverts, considered one of the best scratch DJ collectives of their time. He is also currently a member of the Extended Players DJ collective. Renegade has travelled all corners of the globe and played at all the top international b-boy events including Red Bull BC One, R16, Battle of the Year, Freestyle Session (US, Korea, Japan, Europe), B-Boy Summit, KOD China, Mighty 4 and IBE. With such a large wealth of experience and accolades, he is one of the most respected dance event DJs on the planet and the UK’s finest!

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Upcoming Events with DJ Renegade

+ 05.01.2019 AT Show Your Skillz 2019
+ 14.04.2019 GB UK B-Boy Championships 2019

ITO-Meeting in Berlin - 47 days to go!
  • Juste Debout Bratislava Qualifier 2018
  • at Majestic Club Bratislava (Slovakia) on February, 18th 2018
  • Winner 2vs2 Hip Hop: Marcio & Batalla (France/Germany)
  • Winner 2vs2 House: Eva & Adam (Poland)
  • Winner 2vs2 Popping: Greenteck & Nelson (Canada/France)
  • Winner 2vs2 Locking: Spunkey & Wahe (Slovakia)
  • Winner 1vs1 Experimental: Klesh (Russia)
  • Judges: Dedson (France), Tash (Canada), Ricky Soul (France), Rashaad (USA)
  • Deejays: Renegade (UK), Vunky Lao (Germany), Joseph Wu (Germany), BJ Piggo (Slovakia)
  • Host: Niki Tsappos (Sweden), Otec Mirec (Slovakia)
  • Show Your Skillz Urban Dance Battle 2018
  • at Lentos Kunstmuseum in Linz (Austria) on January, 1st 2018
  • Winner 1vs1 Breaking: Marson (Czech Republic)
  • Winner 1vs1 Experimental: Guti (Austria)
  • Winner 2vs2 Hip Hop: Joe Joe & Jazzy (Austria)
  • Judges: Storm (DE), Jo-Flow (AT), Wolfer (AT), Johannes (AT)
  • Deejay: Renegade (UK) | Host: Swifty (UK)
  • YOG Continental Qualifier Asia & Oceania 2017
  • at Taipei Expo Park in Taipei (Taiwan) on December, 2nd 2017
  • In total 87 participants from 19 countries (21 B-Girls and 66 B-Boys)
  • Judges: Storm (GER), Renegade (GBR), Narumi (JPN), B-Girl AT (FIN), Katsu (JPN)
  • Hosts: Jeng (TPE) and RealGon (TPE)
  • Deejays: Just a Kid (GER), Chincano (TPE), Pilizhao (TPE)
  • Winner B-Boys: Shigekix (JPN)
  • Winner B-Girls: Ram (JPN)
  • The great Red Bull BC One World Final 2017
  • at Westergasfabriek Amsterdam (Netherlands) on November, 4th 2017
  • Winner: Menno van Gorp aka Menno (Holland)
  • Judges: AT (FIN), Intact (UKR), Niek (NED), Crazy Legs (USA), Hong10 (KOR)
  • Deejay: DJ Nobunaga (NED) | Host: Irisience aka Rakaa Taylor (USA)
  • more than 3.000 spectators in the arena
  • YOG Continental Qualifier for Europe & Africa
  • at Grugahalle Essen (Germany) on October, 22nd 2017
  • Stage II Qualifikation for the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games
  • Judges: Storm (DE), Renegade (UK), Crazy Legs (USA), Narumi (JP), Lamine (FR)
  • Hosts: Mario Bee (NL), Ludi Rockoon (DE)
  • Deejays: Fleg (USA), Nobunaga (NL)
  • 1vs1 Undisputed during BOTY World Final
  • Limbecker Platz in Essen (Germany) on October, 20th 2017
  • Winner: Onel from Athen (Greece)
  • Judges: Renegade (UK), Menno (NL), Lilou (FR), Storm (DE), Crazy Legs (USA)
  • Host: Mario Bee (NL) | Deejay: Just a Kid (DE)
  • with team members & judges for the Youth Olympic Games 2018
  • in Wayne, Pennsylvania (USA) on October, 5th 2017
  • Host: Niels Robitzky aka Storm
  • Judges: Renegade, Narumi, Jeskilz, Moy
  • Judging System: Dominik Fahr & Patrick Grigo from and8
  • Guests: Cros1, Poe One, Joe Stolte, Thomas Hergenröther, Yalda Ghods, Roland Hilfiker (WDSF)
  • Infected Floor Battle in Innsbruck (Austria)
  • at Orangerie (Congress) on September, 9th 2017
  • Winner 1vs1 Hip Hop: P-Soul (Germany)
  • Winner 2vs2 Breaking: Lil Zoo & Ghostface (Austria)
  • Winner Crew vs Crew: AMK (Austria)
  • Judges: Freeze (SWE), Fabreezy (FR), Salomon (FR), Funky-T (AT), Jo-L (GER)
  • Music: DJ Renegade (UK), DJ AKE (IT) | Host: Mario (AT), T-Ser (AT)
  • Red Bull BC One World Final 2016
  • at Aichiken Taiikukan Nagoya (Japan) on December, 3rd 2016
  • Judges: Kousuke (JAP), Freeze (SWE), Mounir (FRA), Wicket (USA), Storm (GER)
  • Final between Hong10 (KOR) and Issei (JAP)
  • Winner: Issei Hori (Japan)
  • Host: Rakaa Taylor aka Iriscience (USA)
  • Music: DJ Mar Ski (JAP)




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