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SE Damon Frost

D2XF Dancer, Choreographer, Dance pedagogue, Coach, Producer
55 Years
from Los Angeles (United States)
at present Stockholm (Sweden)
active since 1975

American popper Damon Frost aka the “Ruberband Man” started dancing in the streets of San Francisco in 1981 and has since taken part in numerous dance shows, tours and TV shows with famous artists all around the world. In 1987 he moved from Berkeley, USA to Stockholm, Sweden and had the biggest influence on the popping and waving scene in Europe.

From winning Juste Debout 2003 in France, to judging at Battle of the Year 2004 in Germany, Damon’s international success and strong level of commitment have made a huge impact in the dance world. Damon’s artistic talents have no end, alongside dancing he is a BMXer and renowned music producer and is more than worthy of his legendary status!

Damon Frost was at

+ 01.11.2019 SE Hip Hop Weekend 2019
+ 21.07.2019 IT Hyper Week 2019
+ 21.07.2018 IT Hyper Week 2018
+ 10.04.2017 AT EasterDANCEdays 2017
+ 28.02.2016 TW Ocean Battle Session Vol. 10
+ 25.09.2015 DE Global Skillz 2015
+ 25.10.2014 GB Sony B-Boy Championships World Finals 2014

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