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5th Urban Dance Congress

International Dance Congress for Urban Dance Styles

Monday, 29. December 2014
DE Stadtsaal Burghausen
Stadtplatz 108, 84489 Burghausen (Google Maps)


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Details on the event

Welcome to the 5th international Urban Dance Congress taking part during the great Eve Dance Festival 2014. The congress will take place in the town hall (Stadtsaal) in Burghausen (Germany) on Monday, 29th December 2014. Different workshops, seminars, talkshows and discussion panels, an expert-meeting and research programmes will be offered. All these programmes will be led and hosted by some of the best artists and teachers being active in the urban hip hop scene worldwide. More than 80 experts from all over Europe are invited. The Check-In will start at 08.00 a.m. The congress will begin at 09.00 a.m. with the official greeting and end at 06.30 p.m. Get your tickets now and save your place.

Programmes S / Specials:
Which way the scene will follow?
(Talkshow with Patrick Grigo, Storm & DJ Renegade)
How artists gonna be professional?
(Talkshow and seminar with Patrick Grigo, Storm and guests)
Is there a career in Hip Hop dance?
(Experts-Meeting for the scene with invited guests)
Urban Dance Health & injury prevention?
(Research programme with Sophie Lindner)

Programmes A / Active seminars:
Partnering / Modern meets B-Boying
(Workshop with Bente Weiler & Mauro Peruzzi)
Dancehall / Classes for all levels
(Workshop with Federica Loredan)
House / Classes for all levels
(Workshop with Federica Loredan)
B-Boying / How to build structures for B-Boying classes?
(Workshop with Niels Robitzky aka Storm)
Locking / Classes for all levels
(Workshop with Luigi Swan)
Popping / Classes for all levels
(Workshop with Luigi Swan)

Programmes P / Pedagogical seminars:
Dance pedagogic / Teaching for Kidz (age of 4-6)
(Pedagogical seminar with Miriam Link)
Dance pedagogic / Teaching for Kidz (age of 7-10)
(Pedagogical seminar with Miriam Link)
Dance pedagogic / Modern dance for kidz
(Pedagogical seminar with top-teacher Ulla Wenzel)

Programmes M / Music seminars:
DJ'ing / More than scratching!
(Workshop with DJ Renegade, DJ Moooka and Sleepwalker)
Music production / Beatproduction and cutting music
(Workshop with Sleepwalker and DJ Moooka)

The registration ends on 19th December 2014. The Urban Dance Congress is convenient for dance professionals, dancer and choreographers, dance teachers, trainer and dance pedagogues, musicians, producers and deejays, as well as event managers and organisers from the Urban Dance and Hip Hop scene. The team gives you a warm welcome to this event.

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Move Too Hot Company (International)
Burgkirchener Str. 64
de 84489 Burghausen

Tel.: +49 (8677) 881-6980

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