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What does and8 Judge offer

The system and8 Judge offers in connection with the online platform www.and8.dance a great number opportunities and applications. In the following listing you will find the handling profile and the most important applications with some examples.

Phase A - Preparation

Internal (Software):
• Integration of the individual event design
• Individual adaptations for the event if required

External (Services):
• Participants can sign up online in advance
• Tickets for the event can be bought easily
• For participants and spectators

Phase B - Event

• Registration on the spot (data capturing)
• Photo shoot with participants and groups
• For media presentation (such as TV, beamer ...)

Judging method, mode and format:
• Simplified handling of preselections
• Diverse judging methods (e.g. Fader, ...)
• Judging mode (e.g. Best-of, fixed rounds ...)
• battle formats (e.g. TOP8, TOP16, TOP32 ...)
• Special formats (e.g. Round Robin, seven2smoke, Corner Clash ...)

Presentation on the spot:
• Blank-Screen (with event logo)
• Battle-Tree/Battle-Bracket (automatically generated)
• Status (current battle, pictures of participants ...)
• Result (results of the current battle)

Additional applications:
• Livestream implementation
• Realtime updates via www.and8.live
• Video (e.g. Trailer ...)
• Slideshow (e.g. sponsors' logo ...)
• Information for hosts and deejays
• Details for commentators

• Evaluation of results via webpage
• Different statistics possible
• Diverse options for rankings

Technical data

For the usage of "and8 Judge" the following technical facts & figures as well as the given requirements are to be attended. If you have any further technical questions we kindly ask you to contact our team. Thank you.

Input devices (Hardware)

• We normally use iPads Air or newer
• The tablets are connected via Wifi
• A wired Ethernet is possible upon agreement

The usage of other tablets is possible at any time (upon consultation). In this case all devices are to be sent to us in advance so that we can guarantee the correct functionality!

Output devices (Hardware)

• The system normally works via HDMI (Full-HD)
• Beamer, TV and LED-wall control available
• Other connection opportunities are also possible
• Further resolutions and formats exists

For further information about the system as well as all requests concerning the use of this system at your event please do not hesitate to contact us. Please use office@and8.dance. Thank you

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