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DE Jilou aka Jilou

S1XR Ballerina, Coreografa, Allenatrice
28 Anni
da Cologne (Germany)
attualmente Berlin (Germany)
attiva dal 2006

She became known through many international B-Boy & B-Girl battles in Europe. Since her participation in the German television programme "Got to dance" her name is resounding throughout the land. Jilou is an outstanding personality and a great dancer.


2018 - 2nd Place | Top16 1vs1 Silverback Open Championships 2018 - 1vs1 B-Girl


di Jimakeno
di Nin10do Crew

  • great emotions at the Outbreak Europe Festival 2014
  • from 25th till 27th July 2014 in Bansk√° Bystrica (Slovakia)
  • with Catch the Flava Camp, Battles, Parties and The Blast
  • many national and international top dancers
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