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AT Sasa Nesovic aka Lil Sunji

S6XN Ballerino, Personal coach
31 Anni
da Mala Vrbica, Kladovo (Serbia)
attualmente Vienna (Austria)
attivo dal 2000

Lil Sunji saw the light of day on 20. September 1989 in Serbia/Kladovo/Mala Vrbica and moved to Austria/Vienna at the age of two. Until his thenth year of life he spent most of his time studying and playing football with his grandfather while he soon opened another door in his life: breakdance. In a youth center he got to know other young people with similar interests. At the very beginning he saw breaking only as a hobby but it slowly turned into a life philosophy. Some might say a legend was born. After ten years of dancing and completely pushing himself to his limits he decided it was time to express his personality in a more sophisticated way. With his first tattoo a fire was lit inside his soul. Amongst many other interests Bodybuilding soon emerged as a new mayor interest and his life and from now on he wanted to embody physical and psychological progression and pure aestethics. Today Lil Sunji dances since many years and looks forward to the many beautiful moments life has to offer while fully enjoying every breath until his last one.


2012 - 2nd Place | Top16 1vs1 Red Bull BC One Austria Cypher 2012

2017 - Top 16 | Top16 1vs1 Beast.Mode Battle - Vol. 4 - 1vs1 Breaking

2016 - Top 16 | Top16 1vs1 Red Bull BC One Austria Cypher 2016

2015 - Top 16 | Top16 1vs1 Red Bull BC One Austria Cypher 2015

2014 - Top 8 | Top16 1vs1 Red Bull BC One Austria Cypher 2014

2013 - Top 8 | Top16 1vs1 Red Bull BC One Austria Cypher 2013


da 2001 di The Only Kingz
da 2019 di United Lifestyle Kings

ex membro

2004 - 2009 di Bboy Death Squad
2010 - 2014 di United Minds
2015 - 2016 di Team Austria

Incredible but it's true! They've made it!
  • Battle of the Year Central Europe 2016 at X-tra in Zurich (Switzerland)
  • during the international Nothing But Flavor Festival 2016
  • Team Austria will participate to reach and win the final
  • with about 18 Austrian TOP-Bboys
  • Red Bull BC One Austria Cypher 2016
  • at Lloonbase 36 in Vienna (Austria) on 23rd April 2016
  • the TOP16 B-Boys of the Austrian scene
  • Winner: Miracle Smile, United Minds (Vienna)
  • Judges: Lil Ceng (Germany), Wing (Korea), Mounir (France)
  • Hosts: Mario Bee (Netherlands) and Knuffelbunt (Austria)
  • amazing show by Phorm (France)
  • on the turntables: DJ Fleg (USA)
  • Red Bull BC One Austria Cypher Qualifier 2016
  • at Come2together in Vienna (Austria) on 22 April 2016
  • 57 participants took part in the preselection
  • the best 9 dancers qualified for the final round of the TOP16
  • Judges: Lil Ceng (Germany), Wing (Korea), Mounir (France)
  • Hosts: Dr. Ill (Austria) and Knuffelbunt (Austria)
  • On the turntables: DJ Fleg (USA)
  • the group "The Only Kingz" presents the new trailer
  • B-Boying/Breaking from Upper Austria and Vienna (Austria)
  • The Only Kingz are one of the heads of the Austrian Hip Hop culture
  • crew continue with the tradition from linz and stays "still on the streets"
  • Europe Battle Pro 2016 at Stadthaus Ulm (Germany)
  • official qualification for Marseille Battle Pro 2016
  • Team Austria represented with two crews
  • reach 3rd place
  • first Austrian All-Star-Team rocks BOTY Central Europe
  • Team Austria originated by Mike Saretzki aka Funky Mike
  • dancers from 5 Austrian crews came together
  • 2 weeks of preparation and 6 hours of training together
  • Austrian B-Boys reach place 3
  • Red Bull sponsors the team-outfit
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