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  • Live-Stream capable
  • real time evaluation
  • transparent decisions
  • clear display (battle tree, next up, results)
  • diverse formats (KO-System, Round Robin, seven2smoke, Corner-Clash, ...)
  • detailed and complete After-Event-Analysis
  • dialectical valuation

The system "and8 Judge" revolutionizes the complete handling and valuation of competitions. The main focus is hereby set on the transparency to all persons involved including dancers, spectators as well as the jury members, hosts etc. One of the biggest advantages of this system is the flexibility in the optical and functional adaptation according to individual specifications and requirements. In addition the system disposes of clear presentations such as an automatically generated battle-tree, information on the current battle and results which are shown on displays and monitors. This provides a precise flow of information. Diverse judging methods which are already in existence create an optimal base for the evaluation of shows and battles. One further advantage of this system is the detailed and complete After-Event-Analysis of all valuations which can be integrated in real time on websites at a stable internet connection.

For further information about the system as well as all requests concerning the use of this system at your event please do not hesitate to contact us. Please use office@and8.dance. Thank you

YOG Judges Training Session in Philadelphia (USA)
  • Summerskillz Urban Dance Camp 2016
  • at the mth Tanzzentrum Burghausen (Germany) from July, 31st until August, 4th 2016
  • this year with the "Each One Teach One Edition"
  • special educational program with and8 Judge
  • international Dance Competition "The Dance" in Zurich
  • at the Hallenstadion on Saturday 30th April 2016
  • usage of and8 Judge for the entire voting
  • with Shift-Matrix and the Crew Mode for the battles
  • Battle of the Year Partner Meeting Europe & Zurich 2016
  • in Zurich (Switzerland) from 22 till 24 January 2016
  • with a lot of BOTY partners, organisers and guest speakers
  • intensive programme with working groups, discussions and presentations
  • and8 Judge successfully executed seven2smoke
  • used at the international Eve Dance Battle 2015
  • Judges: Storm (Germany), Mounir (France), Renegade (UK)
  • Alkolil (Russia) and Boyka (Germany)
  • international battle took place at a school centre in Reutte (Austria)
  • 1vs1 Hip Hop, 1vs1 B-Boying, 5vs5 Austrian All Style Crew Battle
  • Judges: Storm (Germany), Olivia (Austria), Raw Element (USA)
  • DJ Cosmic from Salzburg on the turntables
  • Lil Zoo (Morocco) winns in the 1vs1 B-Boying Battle against Guti (Austria)
  • Joe Joe (Austria) decides 1vs1 Hip Hop Battle in his favour
  • Team Vienna wins the Austrian All Style Crew title
  • 53 Bboys and Bgirls participate in the 1vs1 Bboying Battle
  • official qualification for 1vs1 BOTY International & Freestyle Session
  • 6 crews participate in BOTY Central Europe
  • 5 crews take part in the new BOTY Kidz battle
  • Soul Mavericks win Best Show and the battles
  • Bboy Sunni winns the 1vs1 Bboying Battle
  • Winners of the kidz battle are the Groov All-Stars (Switzerland)
  • 428 visitors in the Volkshaus Zurich (Switzerland)
  • Preselection tool comes successfully into action for the first time
  • New concept for valuation of crew battles introduced and applied
  • Jury members were excited about the system
  • 2nd test with new hosting tool completed
  • New Judging System of and8 used for the first time
  • Develop and programmed by Dominik Fahr
  • Impulse for valuation "Fader Method" by Niels Robitzky aka Storm

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Austrian Breaking Championship 2022
Austrian Breaking Championship 2022
Za, 18.6. - Zo, 19.6.2022
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