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BE Camine van Hoof aka Camine

D1YO Tанцовщица
24 Год
из Antwerp (Belgium)

Camine Van Hoof aka B-Girl Camine from the Battle Droids crew won the B-Girl competition at the BC One Cypher Belgium and will represent at the B-Girl battle in Mumbai.

She says about why she startet braking: "I saw breaking for the first time on a battle in Antwerp. I thought it was something cool to learn. The moves, the music, the culture, … made me happy. Soon I just fell in love with breaking and it became my drive and passion in life."

And about her most important experiences: "I had some historical experiences with Battle Droids crew, getting to top 6 in Battle Of The Year as the youngest and first Belgium crew to get there. I’m thrilled to write some history by my own now, representing Belgium as the first winner of the Bgirl Red Bull BC One Belgium Cypher"


• BC One Cypher Belgium B-Girl Winner


в Battle Droids

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